The hunt for cybersecurity talent is intense and will intensify. Estimates peg the 2021 shortage of cybersecurity professionals at 3.5 million. Organizations realize that unless they reskill people from other tech fields, they’ll never cover this gap. 

This stark realization inspired Cisco to create its CyberVets program, an industry partnership of cyber-focused companies that provides free training and certification to the military and veteran community.

Cisco wanted a partner that could provide their graduates with career coaching, resume writing and brand development, as well as employment opportunities — and Randstad proved the perfect fit.


The first-of-its-kind collaborative relationship formed between Cisco and Randstad ensures that Veterans participating in Cisco’s CyberVets program have sufficient resources to take the next step in their cyber-focused careers. 

Cisco leverages Randstad’s Veterans Center of Excellence consulting program, development and placement support services to offer CyberVets students additional resources, like career coaching, resume writing and individualized job leads at both CISCO and other participating employers.

As they near the end of the program, all CyberVets graduates connect with a professional career coach for career guidance and development options. All grads are also guaranteed an interview with Cisco and/or a participating employer. 


Through close collaboration and research, Randstad and Cisco have been able to establish and refine the “ideal” demographics, backgrounds and career goals for new CyberVets students. This refinement improves the effectiveness of the program in fitting graduates to matching employment opportunities and helps Cisco increase the value of their investment in the program.