Embarking on a job search can be overwhelming. How do you navigate the process and stand out from the crowd? These five New Year’s resolutions will set you up for a successful 2023.

Job seekers may experience more than one kind of hangover this New Year. Perhaps you feel like your professional development has stalled or that you didn’t do enough to advance your career in the past 12 months.

It’s time to put those negative thoughts behind you and focus on what you will achieve this year. Here are five New Year’s resolutions to supercharge your job search in 2023.

1. polish your resume

professional, polished resume remains essential in a job seeker’s toolkit. Take the time to customize your resume for each opportunity, including keywords and skills that will get you past the initial vetting (often undertaken by HR software).

Try to weave in any noteworthy accomplishments from the past year — an IT certification, for example, or a project for which you took on extra responsibilities — into the sections on skills, work experience and qualifications.. Ask your mentor or a trusted colleague to cast a critical eye over your resume and suggest ways to improve it.

2. build your personal brand

Now more than ever, employers and recruiters are looking into job seekers’ online presence. That’s why it’s important to have a carefully curated personal brand online. LinkedIn is critical here, as it’s where many recruiters source potential candidates. Make sure your profile is up to date, including a professional photo. You should also share content relevant to your field, comment and engage with posts, and use your professional connections to help you network. And if you’d rather not be judged on that tequila-fueled spring break from 2012, set your Instagram feed to private.

3. develop new skills

Acquiring new skills and sharpening existing ones is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A lifelong learning mindset is highly valued by employers — it suggests you have initiative and drive and will add value to their organization.

An effective way to develop new skills while job hunting is through online courses. Check out what providers like Udemy and Coursera have to offer and don’t just focus on technical abilities — soft skills, like communication and time management, can be just as critical. You can also hone new skills and gain work experience by volunteering in-person or virtually for an organization or non-profit. Doing so will improve both your resume and your personal brand.

4. be ready to negotiate

When you’re on a job search, it’s important to know what you want in terms of salary and what the market standard is. If you receive an offer that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Just make sure you do your homework first — use a salary comparison tool to arm yourself with relevant data on average compensation in your area. Remember: the more persuasive you are about your passion for the role and the value you will add to the company, the more likely you will secure the compensation you’re looking for.

5. take care of yourself

Finally, there’s no avoiding the fact that searching for a job can be stressful. Don’t neglect your mental health. Plan some breaks, find time for things you enjoy and treat any setbacks as inevitable stages in your career journey, not as the end of the road. You have the skills and determination to succeed, and with just a little luck, you’ll be toasting your success in a year’s time.

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