The US holiday season can be a great time to earn extra income and flesh out your resume, all while working remotely. Read our post to learn more about the top remote holiday jobs.

The US holiday season brings a flurry of hiring activity, especially in consumer retail. Anyone looking to get a foothold in this and other sectors can apply now for remote work during the holiday season. These jobs typically last a few months but can open doors to longer-term opportunities.

Spurred by frenetic holiday shopping (both bricks-and-mortar and online), the retail industry has the most seasonal opportunities. However, other sectors like recruitment and healthcare also ramp up their workforces during the year-end rush.

Companies map out their seasonal job requirements in advance, so job seekers can start tracking and applying for positions well before Labor Day. Here’s our rundown of the top remote seasonal jobs.

customer care representative

This is the most common type of remote holiday job in the retail industry. During the 2021 holiday season, e-commerce sales increased by 11% compared to 2020 and 64% compared to 2019. Online shopping is now firmly entrenched in the retail industry, increasing the demand for customer care reps, who are also known as call center executives or virtual customer support agents. Their role is to respond to customer needs over the telephone or via online chat. Hiring companies offer training and often recruit in large numbers to meet the holiday demand.

Customer care representatives earn between $21 and $27 an hour.

remote recruiter/recruiting coordinator

In this role, which requires previous recruiting experience, you’ll help companies quickly scale up their entry-level workforces to meet seasonal demand. Recruiting coordinators take charge of the candidate screening process, which is done remotely.

Remote recruiter salaries start from $21 an hour, rising to $35 an hour for a senior recruiter with three or more years of experience.

claims analyst/claims representative

If you have experience in claims processing, then the insurance and medical claims sector has remote jobs that can be good additional income generators during the holidays. Common roles range from claims analyst and medical claims examiner tp Medicare claims representative.

Pay starts at around $20 per hour.

data entry associate

Data entry agents can get work in a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare and finance. Experience and formal qualifications are less important for this role than attributes such as accuracy, attention-to-detail and time management.

The starting salary is typically $16 an hour.

online marketer/social media specialist

Brands and retailers use their social media accounts to create buzz and actively engage with shoppers during the holiday season. Remote workers with experience running social media campaigns and crafting on-brand messaging are especially sought after. Skills like visual design, data analytics and SEO boost both your earning potential and the range of positions open to you.

An e-commerce content manager’s role starts at $22 an hour, while positions like email marketer can pay over $30 an hour.

These are just a selection of the most popular remote seasonal jobs. Other opportunities for the holiday season include festival organizer/coordinator, logistics rep, digital design specialist, travel consultant, copyeditor and more. Remote working is gaining popularity not just in the retail and online commerce industries but also in the entertainment, finance and healthcare sectors. Continue your search for a wide range of remote positions on Randstad USA’s jobs board. Happy hunting!