IT strategies to move
your business forward.

Using a keen understanding of your industry and business objectives, our teams will evaluate your current technology practices and implement innovative strategies to meet and exceed your organizational goals.

personalized solutions

IT assesments and strategy

Through a comprehensive or focused IT assessment of a company’s technology ecosystem, Randstad Technologies provides clients with a clear and thorough decision-making aid and delivers actionable and focused recommendations to ensure tangible returns on technology investments. Our assessments examine 14 IT-related focus areas encompassing: IT Systems and Infrastructure, Budget, Organization, Operations and Applications, and provides a roadmap of activities designed to prioritize and remedy issues needing attention.

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Patented methodology and internal benchmarking data from over 300 assessments 
  • Focus on material issues impacting the overall organization, future capital required and long and short-term strategic plans 
  • Teams are accustomed to working with senior executives, and are sensitive to management team concerns and interests 
  • Ability to deliver post-assessment services if help implementing recommendations is needed; insights from assessment provide a "running start"

unique expertise

IT governance and organization

For 20 years, Randstad Technologies has been developing comprehensive, strategic IT roadmaps for clients and establishing high performing IT governance to ensure IT initiatives are effectively executed. Engagements often result in: quantifying the technology-based initiative’s impact on the business, objectively prioritizing technology initiatives across departments, managing overall implications and trade-offs of new projects or priorities against existing IT workload, and ensuring technology projects are aligned with needs of the business.

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Former CIOs and IT Directors on staff 
  • Solid business acumen and technology expertise
  • 20 years of experience