software selection

Randstad Technologies’ researches, evaluates and selects the software that best meets your company’s needs through our Software Selection service. Whether it’s to streamline your business, to manage growth or to stay competitive, Randstad Technologies performs analysis to ensure requirements are clear, complete, consistent and unambiguous. We execute contract review and negotiations and ensure selection complies with local, national and international regulatory and safety standards.

Value Proposition & Expertise
  • Application portfolio assessment and targeted software selection
  • Electronic medical record; electronic health records
  • ERP and MRP systems
  • “Build vs. Buy” analysis


solution architecture

Our Solution Architecture service delivers a roadmap and framework tailored to your current environment, budget, and stakeholder objectives. Our technical solutions are aligned with business objectives to provide efficiencies and ROI that can be seen in several areas including Application Architecture, Data Architecture and Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Architecture and/or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Value Proposition & Expertise
  • Develop solutions that span across business units and locations to provide efficiencies and ROI
  • Plan and design enterprise architecture through leading technologies and processes
  • Align technical solutions with business objectives


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