Ready to charge up your engineering career? Discover how to land your dream job in the fast-paced and exciting world of electric vehicles.

The future of transportation is electric. With California and Oregon recently announcing a ban on new gas cars starting in 2035, the electric vehicle (EV) industry is busier than ever. As more and more companies invest in EVs, they'll need talented engineers to help them develop new electric cars and ramp up production. If you're interested in getting hired in this booming industry, here's what you need to know.

what kind of jobs are available?

The EV industry needs electrical engineers, software developers and mechanical engineers — and plenty of them. These positions involve tasks ranging from designing the physical components of electric vehicles, such as the chassis and suspension, to developing automated manufacturing processes.  

what qualifications, knowledge and interests do I need on my resume?

The EV industry is a multi-disciplinary field requiring expertise across the engineering spectrum. If you want to work on batteries, a degree in chemical engineering will serve you well, whereas a bachelor's in electrical and electronics engineering is typically required for system modeling and simulation engineers. 

To impress potential employers, learn about powertrain controls and their design and get some experience with simulation and modeling tools such as MATLAB/Simulink. Knowledge about state and federal regulations regarding electric vehicles can give you an edge over candidates more narrowly focused on the technical side. Most fundamentally, companies look for candidates with a passion for creating innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries within the field of vehicle design.

i'm a qualified engineer, but I don’t know much about EVs. how can I wise up quickly?

Consider taking a live online training session with a provider like MakerMax or SAE International. This allows you to learn from experienced instructors, ask questions in real-time and network with other professionals in the electric vehicle industry. If you prefer to learn at your own pace, Udemy offers on-demand courses ranging from Introduction to Electric Vehicles to How to Get a Job in the Electric Vehicle Industry. Taking courses like these won't turn you into an EV expert overnight, but it will demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for working in this field to potential employers.

how can I stay current on the EV industry's latest trends, technologies and best practices?

Follow key players in the industry — not just Elon Musk on Twitter but engineers, designers and thought leaders in the EV divisions of companies like Volkswagen, General Motors, BYD and Stellantis. Attending EV conferences and events can provide valuable insights into current trends and advancements, as well as networking opportunities. Websites and newsletters like CleanTechnica, InsideEVs and Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine cover the latest news in the EV industry, including new models, charging infrastructure and policy changes.

where will I find the most job opportunities for EV engineers?

California has a well-earned reputation for leadership in clean energy and technology. Companies like Tesla, Lucid Motors and Rivian are based in the Golden State, along with numerous startups in the EV space.

That said, you'll find EV job opportunities from sea to shining sea, including in states like Michigan (where long-established automotive companies are now investing heavily in EV tech) and Colorado, known for its thriving clean energy research community. New York City aims to electrify its entire bus fleet by 2040, which is expected to create job opportunities for EV engineers.

where will I find advertisements for EV engineering jobs?

With the rise of electric vehicles, there are now many job boards dedicated to this field. That's fine if you know exactly what you're looking for. But if you want a job-seeking partner that will match you with positions that best fit your skills and experience, join Randstad USA. We have long-standing relationships with engineering employers and can provide helpful tips and updates as you pursue your dream job in the EV industry.